A Visual Programming Environment for Scientific Computing

Free open source software designed for students, content creators, and professional mathematicians

version 0.9.4 (Beta)

Imagine web inspector, except for math and with block coding

Python Interpreter

Math inspector is a traditional python interpreter that has a number of quality of life improvements; such as syntax highlighting, and lots of hotkeys. Before and after each command is executed, the command string is parsed to keep all of the views synchronized.

Block Coding

The block coding system in math inspector is capable of representing arbitrary python functions and objects of any kind; it has been designed to make it as easy as possible to experiment and interact with complex programs without the need to write any code.

Interactive Plots

Math inspector's plotting library updates and modernizes the functionality available in matplotlib. It provides high performance interactive 2D and 3D plots. Capable of plotting parametric curves, algebraic varieties, fractals, curved surfaces, and much more.


The animation system has been designed to render production quality animations for educational content creators. A lot of care has been put into optimizing the performance of animations to enable a smooth 60 frames per second while panning and zooming during animations.

Object Debugger

Variables in the local namespace are displayed in an interactive side panel, from which you can change the value of objects or function arguments, run methods, view source code, and mucn more. It's similar to the object debugger in modern web browsers, except for python.

Module Explorer

Modules which have been imported into the global namespace appear in an interactive side panel, where a directory of the contents is displayed. From this panel, you can drag and drop objects into the block coding editor.

Doc Browser

Most modules and classes in python come with a lot of documentation. The doc browser parses these docstrings to automatically produce a beautiful and well organized interface for exploring the documentation. See a code sample you want to run? Just click on it and it will be executed by the interpreter.

Export Projects

Math inspector was designed to make it as simple as possible to share projects online. To share a project on social media, simply upload the project folder to a hosting platform like github and share the link with your friends.

Math inspector will always be 100% open-source software, free for all to use, and is released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE v3

The Next Generation of Math Software

Bringing math software into the 21st century with a beautiful user interface, advanced graphics, and an animation system that takes advantage of the processing speeds of modern graphics cards. Math inspector makes it easy for anyone to leverage the power of numpy, the most popular computational mathematics library in the world, without needing to know anything about programming or writing any code.

“If watching math videos is like going to the movies instead of reading a book, then math inspector is like playing a video game instead of doing your homework.”

If you have been waiting to start your own mathematics or science educational channel, download math inspector and find out if it can meet your needs. Math inspector will always be completely free, and since it's open source, it's possible to add whatever functionality you want to the source code. If you do add any useful features, please submit a pull request with your changes to the Math Inspector GitHub repository.